About Us

What We Do

Plan My Land offer planning and development consultancy services with the sole aim of making your land and property assets work for you.

As Chartered Planners, we provide a range of creative, honest and practical advice to landowners and developers seeking planning permission/land allocation.

We combine the depth and range of technical skills and experience within the team with comprehensive, insider knowledge of the planning processes and priorities of local authorities.

We integrate this planning advice with financial insights, allowing you to see the profit implications of each option.
Optimising land value is our primary focus, and we are skilled in managing the complex process, ensuring the most profitable solution is obtained for you.

Why We Do It

We understand that landowners often face difficult decisions about how best to utilise the value of their property, so we have created a simple, 3-step approach aimed at making your land and property assets work for you.

This enables us to realise the highest potential from land assets and is an outstanding feature of our service that runs through all of our development and planning consultancy work.

Who We Are

We are a small team of planning professionals seeking to maximise the potential of your asset, whether that be a small garden plot or a larger strategic land allocation.

We also work alongside a handpicked and varied specialist team. Our partners include architects and technical specialists with experience in areas such as highways, drainage, ecology, heritage and in valuing, advising, and managing property transactions.

How We Can Help You

The starting point is our FREE Development Appraisal service.

This enables us to fully understand and assess the opportunities and constraints of a site, with the sole aim of optimising its value.

From there, we manage the planning process on your behalf presenting your case in a robust manner, underpinned by solid evidence and ensuring that designs comply with local and national planning policies.

Our specialist team can:

  • Assess the potential for any parcel of land to be developed – anything from a single dwelling through to larger areas of strategic land
  • Outline the likelihood of success and advise on appropriate planning strategies
  • Manage the planning process, submission of planning applications, and/or for the promotion of land
  • Identify local authorities struggling to meet their housing requirements and advise on planning opportunities that this presents
  • Undertake searches for existing/potential strategic land opportunities in areas of your choice
  • Introduce land, and sites with or without planning permission where a sale is required

Trust a Chartered Planner

All the information you receive from Plan My Land is from an experienced and qualified (Chartered) planning consultant.